Automatización Automatización
Industrial Automation

Thanks to the multidisciplinary training of our technicians and as Abac has great experience in the field of industrial automation, we develop any automation project regardless of the programming platform.

Industrial automation

Based on customer needs, we design the control system and its integration, consisting of programming at any level (PLC, SCADA, HMI, distributed control …) ending with the commissioning of the installation.

Integration of industrial communication networks

New trends have led to the introduction of the periphery decentralized, through field bus (Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, ASI …) cable, fiber optics or wireless connections.
Increasingly necessary data communication for interconnecting control networks with corporate networks for production orders, quality, statistical process control, remote access…
ABAC selects the type of the network best suited for each application, the necessary means, plans it, integrates it and puts into service.

Safety systems

Integration of programmable safety systems in PLC / AS “fail safe”, both in continuous control logic, such as arrays of safety.
We have certified for engineering and programming with HIMA safety systems programming tool SILworX applicable in such families as HIMatrix HIMax safety PLC.

Modernization of control systems

In the world of industry is in need of modernization both for the obsolescence of their systems, such as the new automation needs.
ABAC migrates based on the original project, giving the best solution, since the completion of reverse engineering, to the commissioning of the new system.

Control and power cabinets

To provide an inegral solution, Abac designs and builds control and power cabinets associated with the automation project.