Control calderas
planta energía
Control calderas
planta energía
Boiler controls energy plant
Control calderas planta d'energies

Plant description

This power plant contains all the necessary elements to supply to the rest of the plant of its site the water, air, steam and other elements necessary for its operation. In particular there are three boilers that perform this function.

Description of the automation system

Two of the three boilers have an automatic control system PCS7 V7.0. This will start to move the rest of the plant ton this system, and thus leverage existing infrastructure of Siemens PLCs.

Each of these two boilers is organized as follows: 1 AS as the normal control systemf the installation, 1 safety AS, this in turn redundant achieving a system of high security and high availability. All peripheral input-output have been connected through distributed by Siemens ET-200M periphery, and security modules with the required supporting IM’s redundancy protocol and Siemens Profi-safe.

These AS communicate with a pair of redundant servers (OS1 and OS2) and an engineering station (ES) through an Ethernet control network. In the same way, a network linking the OS Monitoring ES and the operator stations (OT) has been created, being thus separate and optimized networks for the passage of information between computers.

Engineering station

It is an enrackable Siemens industrial PC with an industrial Ethernet card to connect via Ethernet to the AS and with ISO protocol. The ethernet port of the motherboard is reserved for communication with the operator stations (OT’s).

Operators stations

They are enrackable Siemens industrial PCs. The ethernet port is on the motherboard is the one that communicates with redundant servers to provide the necessary information from WinCC to operators. Several graphic displays have been performed, one of process and one that provides security information in the form of a matrix (actuators – sensors) to quickly detect the necessary interlocks.


There are two servers, one redundant of the other, to prevent the failure of one system. Both also have dual ethernet connection to access the PLC (via ISO protocol) and collect data, and then send them to the operation stations (OT’s) via TCP / IP. These enrackables Siemens industrial PCs with dual drive have the possibility of hot extracting.

Control (AS)

For the control have been installed four PLCs, the type SIEMENS S7-400. Two of these, based on high availability and security (FH) technology. The inputs-outputs are connected to different Siemens ET200M as distributed periphery, including those that are part of the security chains through appropriate modules such as “failsafe”. The control program was carried out using the programming tool of Siemens CFC.