Planta de
jabones cálcicos
Planta de
jabones cálcicos
Calcium soaps plant

Plant description

Plant dedicated to the production of calcium soaps of fatty acids of palm raw material used for the production of food animals.

Description of the automation system

This plant is automated with a SIEMENS PLC Step-7 S7-300 equipped with digital inputs / outputs as well as two types of modules weighing SIWAREX Siemens, device that performes the scale functions integrated in its control system, connected directly from adding box weighing to the card.

For the operation and monitoring system has been used a HMI TP-270 (touch-panel) SIEMENS.


The supervision includes an operation panel with touch-screen from which both operate the area of the reactor, such as the input and the output of materials to final product packaging. With this configuration we can control the plant automatically from the panel. We also adjust the size of the lots.

PLC Control

To control has installed a 315-2DP PLC type, with a total of 128 inputs / outputs, two Siwarex weighing cards were intergated with a total of three scales controlled from the PLC.