Planta de formulación
de fungicidas
Planta de formulación
de fungicidas
Formulation plant of fungicides
Planta de formulació

Plant description

Plant located in BASF in Tarragona dedicated to the manufacture of fungicides, mainly used for protection of crops such as cereals and horticultural.

Automation system description

This installation has been automated with distributed control system Siemens PCS7 V8.0 SP1 of Siemens.
The distributed control system has been based on a client – server architecture.
In the control part five AS-400, with decentralized periphery.
In the area of operation and supervision have been installed two sets of redundant servers, the first ones for supervision and the other ones for Batch, with a total six clients. All operation stations have a KVM to install the equipments in the electrical room.

Network Architecture

There are two different networks, the control one, in which the PLC’s communicate between them and the supervision one, used by clients and servers, both supervision such as Batch, for sending data.
For all these communications have been used Gigabit networks (1Gbit/s) that allow faster response of the equipments.

Control (AS)

The control has been performed with the PCS7 V8.0 SP1 system over 5 AS-416/3, one for each production line and one for auxiliary services, all with decentralized periphery.
We have used the library provided by Siemens “APL” (Advanced process library) in which the most common equipments come predesigned (motors, valves, PIDs …). Have also been made sequences by using SFC Types, that allow better interaction with BATCH.

Supervision (OS)

Supervision consists of two redundant servers and six clients (OT). The four main equipped with triple monitor for greater control over the plant.
With PCS7 control we have achieved full integration of both, sequences (SFC) and the recipe system (Batch), in supervision. Always than an operator action would be need in any point it will sound an audible warning and a visual alarm will be displayed in the screen.


The BATCH recipe system let us to make the automation of the batches production, modify the order of execution of recipes, create new recipes in an easy and visual way, and can be performed by plant personnel without knowledge of automation. It also offers full control over the batches that are running with the possibility of always see at what point is the recipe, pause it and resume it.

ABAC Logon

To ensure safety in the installation has been used ABAC Logon, which comprises a card reader and a little software. A major advantage of this equipment is that it has the ability to use the personal cards of the factory.
It has many features but the most important is to control the access to the equipments or to restrict operating permits to certain users.