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Planta de
Granulation plant

Plant description

A chemical industry engaged in the manufacture of polypropylene, thermoplastic polymer obtained by the polymerization of propylene. It os used in a wide variety of applications that include food packaging, textiles, laboratory equipment, automotive….

Description of the automation system

This plant is automated with a set of 14 PLCs, five types of SIEMENS S7-400, 7 SIEMENS S5-135U and S5-115U and 2 SCHENIDER Quantum. For the supervision system has been used a SIEMENS HMI WinCC with a client-server structure.


The monitoring system is based on SIEMENS scadaWinCC, this includes a set of two redundant servers with a total of 5 clients centralized in the control room, three clients to control the transport of raw materials and finished product and another touch-screen client to operate on the logistics from the field.
With an access control system to clients using chip-card, the handling of each client is at all times in accordance with the established privileges.

PLC Control

For the control there are installed 5 PLC of the type SIEMENS S7-400, 7 PLC of the type of SIEMENS S5-135U and 2 types of Modicon SCHNEIDER-984, with an average of 200 inputs and 200 digital outputs, 64 analog inputs and 32 analog outputs.

Network architecture

The network system level; servers and Siemens PLCs, is a 10Mbps Industrial Ethernet with cable between the two servers and granulation PLCs and with multimode optical fiber between these and the logistics PLCs. Between servers and PLCs Modicon a 10Mbps Modbus + network has been created.
At the level of supervision, between servers, clients, and printers the network is a 100Mbps Ethernet combined between twisted pair and fiber optics, as needed.
There are local networks of remote PLCs for their ET 200M, ET200L in Profibus cable to 1.5 Mbps.

Remote supervision

Includes a remote monitoring system via the intranet, where a customer control system is both Web server, with the restrictions and required securities. This will be viewed continuously from any authorized point the state of the production.