envasado PEAD
envasado PEAD
HDPE packing plant

Plant description

The area of the HDPE packaging company consists of two lines. Each line has a bagging machine associated with the corresponding conveyor belts bags and a palletizer. At the end of the two lines pallets there is a common wrapper.

Description of the automation system

The purpose of the project is the scheduling of the two palletizers and wrapper, subjected to a migration because untill then they were functioning with an obsolete and inaccessible system. The necessary changes to meet current regulations for machine safety have also included.
A S7 PLC in each of the three machines has been installed, in order to monitor the system; this includes a touch-screen operation connected to the MPI network with three automats.


The monitoring station includes an operation touch-screen based of SIEMENS; model TP 177 of 7″. Its purpose is to indicate the status of the security features.

PLC Control

For the control, there is installed PLC of SIEMENS S7-300 type for each of the machines, with a central periphery to collect field signals.
The automat takes charge of the proper functioning of the machines, including coordination, securities and operation so in automatic as in manual.