control logística
control logística
Logistic control system

Plant description

This facility is dedicated to bring together all the tanks of raw materials and finished products in its complex divided into three distinct areas called PTI, PTE and PTP.

Description of the automation system

This installation has been automated with PLC (Siemens S7-400 type) + SCADA (WinCC).


The monitoring system is based on a client – server architecture.

In the control there are installed 4 types of PLCs S7-400, one of which is redundant with a CPU-417H.

In the area of operation and supervision there have been installed a set of redundant servers, connected on a separate network from the control, with a total of 5 clients.


Supervision includes five operation stations; client (OT), 4 equipped with two screens each, displaying two different areas of the plant from each place of operation. With this configuration can automatically control the plant from three different areas. With an user control the operation of each park tanks on the other is limited.

A WinCC library following the standards in control systems has been crated, making the look and basic operations the same as in bookstores of the distributed control of the company.

Control (AS)

For the control there are installed four PLC type S7-400, 3 with CPU 416 and the fourth with one of high availability S7-417H. Apart from the control, data are also sent to other control centers of the the company with data tanks.

Engineering station

In this case there is a station engineering notebook as between the three areas of operation ther are considerable distances, so we can programm both locally and remotely in any area of any tank park.


All equipment, both servers and clients have been installed in locked cabinets decentralizing keyboards, mice and monitors (double in clients) with KVM Black Box.

All network elements, as in the section on monitoring and control have also been centralized in a closed communications cabinets where fiber optic comes to bring clients from the external and internal tank parks as servers are placed in an external company.