Planta plásticos Planta plásticos
Manufacturing of plastics
Planta de fabricación de plásticos

Plant description

Factory dedicated to the manufacture of technical plastic ABS and SAN. The primary elements of their reactions are acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene.

The factory consists of three plants: Polymerization 1 (where the dust ABS is gotten), Polymerization 2 (which produces plastic SAN) and Granular-logistics (which mixes the two previous items, along with additives in order to get the ABS plastic). The product obtained is stored in silos.

Description of the automation system

The automation system is based on Siemens PLC’s and Citect control and display system. The architecture is based on different PLCs S7-400 family that communicates with redundant PCs, I/O’s servers. These in turn are connected, redundantly with PC’s application server, also redundant. Finally, different clients are PCs that connect to these servers.
This architecture is repeated for the three plants. The only difference is that each plant varies the number of S7-400 to control the different equipment. The communication between the equipment and the I / O’s servers is done by Profibus network except those PLCs who manage large amounts of data, which use Ethernet network.

The signals are collected by field of distributed periphery Siemens ET200M. Except Polymerization 1 Plant, which as is a classified area, a Siemens ET200iSP periphery is used. There are also lots of motors controlled via Profibus-DP devices with Simocodes devices.

Otgher projectes performed

Start up coordination:
Performing material, tasks and people management in order to meet the deadlines set.

Inrease the Production Capacity:
Polymerization 1 plant with two polibutadiene reactors was extended. In this project, materials management, tasks and people was done from the beginning until the commissioning of the different installations.

CE Certificate obtaining:
ABAC collaborate on a technical level, applying various measures that had to be implemented according to applicable regulations.

Control Room unification:
The ABAC collaboration led the planning to change the hardware level and panel loops, which were implemeted programming a safety PLC from the family S7-300F.

Safety studies of different facilities:
In order to comply with current regulations on safety and prevention work, various security documents have been reviewed. ABAC has worked in documentary level, applying the new slogans of performance to the monitoring process. This work has led to the development of new control loops (electrical) and new programming systems (safety PLCs S7-300 and S7-400).