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Moving scales

Plant description

Industry of the chemical sector engaged in the manufacture of polypropylene, thermoplastic polymer obtained by the polymerization of propylene, which belongs to the group of polyolefins.
The installation consists of 8 extruders with a cutting head flooded with an average of six scales for dispensing machine; some of these scales can be used in various extrusion lines, so a mobile scales system with wheels that can be used in any production line has been implemented

Description of the automation system

In order to move the scales to make the installation as robust as possible and avoiding problems of communication cable connections; make the communication between the scale and the control system via an Ethernet network Wireless (WIFI) have been chosen, so is only necessary to connect the power cable.

Technical solution

The wireless network consists of two access points to cover the entire surface where you can install the dosing scales, which are connected to a S7 400 PLC via Profinet network which is used for the other elements that are part of the installation.
To find out which production line is assigned to each dosing scales, together with the scale has installed a remote station ET-200, with a coding system to a multipolar connector which identifies the production line.