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físico - químico
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Physical Chemical and Biological sewage treatment

Plant description

Plant of physical-chemical and biological treatment of the waste water from the process of making paper.


The goal of treatment is to produce clean water or reusable in other industrial processes of the silver and obtaining a solid waste suitable for its disposal and treatment.

Description of the automation system

The plant is automated with SIEMENS PLC Step-7 S7-300 with inputs and outputs centralized and remote ET200M decentralized.

For the visualization a system of WinCC HMI SIEMENS is used.

Supervision (WinCC)

The monitoring system of Siemens WinCC wa initially implemented with two stations single-site, one in each control room. Currently these two stations have become clients of the control system that already include paper machine and pulping.

Finally being client server architecture with a set of redundant servers and a total of seven different clients distributed for the different plants in a multimode fiber optic Ethernet network.

PLC Control

For the control two PLCs of the type S7-300 have been installed, CPU315-2DP installed in the biological plant, with the periphery installed centralized and two remote ET 200M decentralized, and a CPU S7-314C which also includes input / output centralized and decentralized.