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Who is Abac?
ABAC Control Industrial, S.L. is a company founded in 2003 by a group of people with more than ten years of experience in industrial control..

Abac is dedicated to the automation of machinery and industrial processes, from planning and advice to the implementation of the project.

We provide integrated solutions to the needs of our clients, prioritizing a dynamic and customized service.

Our experience, training and flexibility of our technical team enable us to offer a wide service within the industrial control.

Get the satisfaction and achieve the loyalty of our customers, advising and proposing improvements and industrial control alternatives in order toincrease productivity and improve competitiveness..
Analysis of customer needs:
We listen to the client; assess their needs in first person in order to have a broad view of the solution offered.
Definition of the solution:
Once we have the vision of customer needs, we provide comprehensive analysis to give the best solution, which define the technical basis of the project.
Design of the solution:
Once defined the solution, we design all the sections of the project, creating the technical documentation necessary to carry out all phases of the project in time and quality.
Execution of the project:
After the design phase is finished, we proceed to the execution of the project according to the approved plan, where we build cabinets, program control systems… always with the essential customer feedback, overseeing jointly each one of the phases.
Testing and commissioning:
We perform FAT, SAT tests and the commissioning of the installation, following the procedures of each customer.
What do we do?